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l applia■nces, it wi◆ll bring the company■ more profits," ●said Yuan T○angjun, Director/Glo○bal Investment &■ Trade Institute◆ of Fudan U〓niv.Toshiba is not ●the only Jap■anese home a◆ppliance manufact〓urer which is s◆elling itself. Accor◆ding to the Japanese◆ finance paper○ Nikkei, another ●home appliance gian●t Sharp fac●ed a deficit of 20●0 billion yen last ●year -- that's abo●ut 11.6 billion yuan●. Last week,■ Taiwan-bas■ed manufactur●er Foxconn became◆ Sharp's largest sha●reholder -- acqui◆ring 66 percent● of its shar◆es. Most of t

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he Japa◆nese home applia◆nce companie◆s we spoke to● but not w◆ant to appear o◆n camera, but one○ of them did -- and■ he agreed ●with Professor◆ Yuan about the moti〓ves for th〓e Japanese sales."W○hen companies f○ind they are facing■ dangers in ○the market○ and can't ensure th●eir future ■development◆, they sho〓uld defini■tely use t○heir advantages i◆n talent, technology○ and experi●ence to en〓ter into new areas●. Facts sh○ow that if m○anufacturers on○ly produce traditi■onal home applian?/p>

llion dollar■s. The deal is expec●ted to be complete○d this June. Indus

鬰es or low-p○rofit products, th●ey can't a●void being● eliminated. Expa◆nding into new bus●iness and investing ●in new products a■re the only way◆s to say goodb●ye to defici■ts," said Shi●momura Makio, Pre●sident/Fujitsu Sha◆nghai.Another◆ major factor for t○he Japanese 〓divestitures ◆is probably rising○ costs in ●China. Both○ Toshiba and〓 Sharp have facto◆ries in China,◆ which were set○ up when Chi●nese labor co●sts were much 〓lower than they are● now. Experts be●lieve that es■calating

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labor costs○ in China in〓 the past few years〓 may be part of◆ the reason for t●he lack of p○rofits in Japan.●"Japanese ho○me appliance bra〓nds established fac●tories in Chin●a in the late ●1980s and e●arly 1990s. J●apanese bra○nds are still popula●r, both am◆ong Chinese co●nsumers or g◆lobal purchaser◆s. But you ca◆n only earn a l〓ittle because b〓oth the te◆chnology of ho●me appliances● and their ma〓rkets are q○uite mature. In ne◆wly developing ○countries such○ as China, la■bor costs are

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incr○easing and that may ■cause some defic◆its for Japanese■. They'd rathe○r cut the hom◆e appliance se●ctor off and 〓shift to other ■countries," ◆Yuan said.〓Please scan th◆e QR Code ○to follow us on Ins●tagramPlea●se scan the QR○ Code to foll

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